In 2007, SOFTSMITHS decided to take the surgical instruments cataloging to next level. So SOFTSMITHS started to convert the raster instruments images into vector graphics. It takes SOFTSMITHS to almost a decade to master the idea. Today by the Grace of Allah, SOFTSMITHS is the Global Leader in surgical instrument cataloging industry.

By now, SOFTSMITHS have developed thousands of pages containing highly detailed and precise vector instruments images. These vector instruments images covers almost all categories of surgical industry.

We have developed catalogs containing general surgery instruments, scissors, forceps, retractors, orthopedic, ophthalmic, gynecological and dental instrument images of extremely high quality.

Veterinary and equine surgery instrument industries are also our valuable clients.

SOFTSMITHS is first choice in surgical instruments cataloging sector for those who want the best only.

We have the experience to handle any size of catalog from few pages to over thousand pages. There are dozens of catalogs on our credit having pages over 800, containing vector instrument images, only.

Visit our vector work sample pages to see yourself, what we are doing for you.