SOFTSMITHS has strong multimedia expertise. Visualizing the future needs for communication and marketing media, we started multimedia content development in 1998. Development of marketing materials based on Internet and CDs/DVDs is at our focus. CDs/DVDs based interactive product catalogs are highly suitable for large product range.

Multimedia CDs /DVDs

Our multimedia production covers a wide range. Following are few of these

Interactive CDs / DVDs, Corporate presentations.

Interactive product catalogs, Product animations, 360 rotatable products

Virtual modeling and simulations

We have the credit to developed our first interactive product catalog with 360 rotatable products in 1999. It was developed for SIGMA Shoes . All the shoes in the catalog were rotatable 360 degree by dragging through mouse.


e-catalogs are another product from SOFTSMITHS. These e-catalogs and interactive presentations are developed, keeping the file size minimum, to easily send as email attachments or to burn on digital business card CDs. e-catalogs are available in PDF file format or any other file format as desired by the client.